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Facts That You Didn’t Know about Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are now available with at a huge variety. There are models starting at a few dollars up to models costing several thousands of dollars. There is his speaker model available for virtually every budget as well as every conceivable taste. However, before purchasing Bluetooth speakers there are some things to consider.

If you are on the budget then chances are you will jump the gun by getting a model that cost less than $50. In fact about 70% of wireless Bluetooth speakers cost less than $50 retail. However, instead you might want to purchase a Bluetooth receiver and connect it to an audio amplifier. This solution will allow you to connect your existing speakers. If you do have loudspeakers in your home which you do not use then there’s no point in purchasing Bluetooth speakers. I would definitely recommend the approach which I have just outlined.

In addition, most anti-level Bluetooth wireless speakers don’t have much of a bass frequency response. That is due to constraints within the speaker. First of all, in order for the speaker to …

How to Emulate Surround Sound in Your Home

Many people shy away from installing surround sound speakers because of the cable clutter. However, you don’t have to because they are some solutions which make setting up home theater speakers much easier. In particular, sound bars have become more popular since they combined multiple speakers in a single enclosure. The sound bars are simply set up in front under or on top of your TV and emulate surround sound without you having to run out and purchase multiple speakers.

The sound bar is designed is that the speakers which are integrated into the bar are located at different angles. Typically, there are four speakers inside the bar. One speaker is located in the middle and directed towards the viewer. Next to side speakers which are located at the left and right inside the sound bar and angled away from the center speaker. Finally, there will be a subwoofer speaker or multiple speakers which are combined to deliver low-frequency output. For optimum bass response, however, you don’t want the subwoofer to be located inside the sound bar. Instead, opt for …

A Look at Bluetooth Audio Receivers

I’m going to look at some features of Bluetooth audio receivers. In addition, I’m going to talk about some applications for which these products are ideal. Finally, I will highlight some shortcomings of Bluetooth receivers which should help you make a better buying decision.

In this article, I’m going to talk about different receiver models although I’m not going to name any particular brand. There are actually several manufacturers which offer this product. As an example, Bluetooth receivers from Amphony have been around for a few years. Other companies such as Logitech are also well known for these types of products. All Bluetooth audio receivers have the same basic functionality. They are the crucial link between a set of speakers and a wireless signal. This wireless signal can originate from a cell phone or other device which supports Bluetooth.

What is different between different models is the Bluetooth standard. Older models typically support Bluetooth 2.0 or 2.1. Newer models typically support Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 4.1. The newer versions of Bluetooth allow streaming offer higher data rate. Also, there are …

Wireless Speakers Galore

Almost every reputable manufacturer that is selling hi-fi products has a set of wireless speakers these days. However, even now most manufacturers do not adhere to a common standard except for Bluetooth and Airplay. There are also speakers on the market which support Wi-Fi. However, make no mistake about Wi-Fi not being a full standard for audio streaming. Wi-Fi merely describes the method for sending data from one point to another. It does not have any mechanism for packaging audio data. Therefore, manufacturers which market Wi-Fi speakers usually use their own methods. That means that Wi-Fi speakers from different manufacturers are usually not compatible with one another. So what you do? Do you just stick with products from the signal manufacturer? Unless you rely on products that adopt either Bluetooth or Airplay then the answer would be yes.

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There’s actually an organization which supports development of a standard for all home audio devices that work wirelessly. Wireless speaker products which are based on the recommendation of this organization carry a label named “WISA”. Unfortunately, products which support the specifications are …

Some Neat Ways of Wiring Your Home for Audio

Audio distribution has become a big business. There companies out there specializing in professional installations as well as companies who specialize in home installations. Usually, companies who do installs for home are usually fairly small. That is an advantage because usually you can find somebody close to your home to do work. If you’ve purchased a house recently then chances are that the house is already wired. In that case you are in luck. You don’t have to start drilling holes into walls. You would simply tap into the existing wiring that’s available. In order to do so, you will need to purchase some interface components. The type of components depends on what type of wiring you have. If you have network wiring in place then you will need some adapters that can convert an audio signal into a network signal and vice versa.

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Unfortunately, if you do not have existing wiring in your house then you will need to bite the bullet and install wiring afterwards. That could be difficult to do especially since you have all of your …

An Overview of Wireless Speakers

In this article, I‘m going to review some of the latest wireless speakers. It is likely that you already have seen one or two speakers which I’m going to look at. So rather than talk about specific models, I’m going to be a bit more generic and talk about what type of speakers dominates the market. By looking at the specifications of the speakers, which are usually published either online or in the user manual, you can easily determine which of these categories the speakers you looking at fallen. In addition to describing the different categories, I’m going to offer an opinion about which type of speakers are most suited for which applications.

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Bluetooth speakers are in one of the categories which has exploded lately. The sheer number of models is overwhelming. That is not surprising because with a Bluetooth wireless speaker, you can stream from virtually any portable device as well as desktop computers. As long as you device or computer supports Bluetooth and also is suitable Bluetooth audio profile, you are in business. However, it is noteworthy that …